still rearranging

54 years old, overweight; feel old

woke this morning promptly. watched my normal, scheduled television. faced the fact that I must move my bed from in front of the curtains to the corner. started – after a bowl of gingerbread spice oatmeal; mojo got to lick the bowl – by moving miscellany…removing debris outside…updating computer…taking pictures of hibiscus outside…moving the dresser…vacuuming.

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during some breaks my mind started thinking of writing a letter to my sister, letting her know exactly how I feel about her. WTF!? though…it does sound like a good idea…for what it’s worth.

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now what? I have to decide how to arrange everything else in a much bigger space. pretty tired at this point also; just don’t have the energy anymore.

think i got it…desk goes behind couch, facing television. i think i need to call spectrum for rewiring…that should do it 😉