Cynicism Regarding Go Fund Me Dollars for Las Vegas Shooting

I awoke this morning to news that an account that I swear had a goal of $100,000, had exceeded it’s continually revised goal and now was at nine million!

My first thought was who is going to administer that money? How do I know that all that money will go to its intended purpose. I really shouldn’t care because I donated zero, but the questions the news evoked are still swirling in my head.

Here is a list of the Go Fund Me accounts from searching Las Vegas:

Las Vegas Victim’s FundĀ $9,179,553
Love Army for Las Vegas $268,295
Rhonda le Rocque Las Vegas Shooting $47,498
Andrea Castilla – Las Vegas Victim $61,459
Mr. & Mrs. Bignami (Las Vegas) $48,859
Hanna Ahlers – Las Vegas Victim $49,861
Las Vegas Shooting Victim – Amanda $41,669
Las Vegas Victim, Officer Hartfield $55,532

My second thought is: Is it really that expensive to bury someone? Has the cost of living risen so high that successful – term used in comparison to my homelessness – can’t afford to bury their dead?

I was raised in an era where if shit happened, you picked up and started over again…on your own, with some help. Nowadays, I see people go directly to Go Fund Me to offset their familial, dutiful expenses. The fact that burial is so expensive and even practiced anymore is horrific in itself. I told my family to bury me under the illegal residence I maintain and leave it at that!

I do think the event was sad. I felt for those people at the time of discovery, but I am over it now and can’t wait for it to be none-news. I am tired of politicians fake well-wishes; if they really cared, they’s enact tougher gun regulation. I understand those affected will take more time, but as for me, I’ve moved on.

Las Vegas Go Fund Me Accounts

Las Vegas Go Fund Me Accounts