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All I Need To Know About Charlottesville

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MY Truth

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  • sad to see humanity reduced to savagery
  • confused regarding correlation between collateral damage and hero

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Supplemental Security Income-SSI

USA Kill Citizens Like Syria, Only Slower

Letter penned to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Governor Edmund Brown, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris, ABC News Desk, and CBS News Desk:

QuoteI have worked my whole life until I became medically disabled.

Because my last job was as an independent contractor, I did not qualify for disability and now exist on supplemental security income of $895.00/month.

First of all, I applied in November 2016. I was denied SDI about January 2017 and they began to check my qualifications for SSI in February 2017. As of July 2017, I have been approved, but I have only received half of my pay since my application date.


You have one hell of a nerve to keep my own money from me, having only disbursed half so far. To add insult to injury, my CalFresh benefits have been cut off and I am now responsible for paying for my own food! What food? I don’t even have enough for rent in Los Angeles, where the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $2060.00/mo, much less food.


Thankfully, I earn unreported cash. And you wonder why people are so deceitful towards their government and their authorities; you are nurturing it!


Syrian Airstrikes: Round II

So glad that Donald Trump is the first one to be outed in this blog; he is such an ass!

The way I see it, one day he is on the news stating out of one side of his face that America comes first, that he has no response to some international crisis that was going on at the time. To the best of my recollection, it was within the same week that he unilaterally decided to drop bombs on the Syrian airbase where saran attacks originated.

I was not crazy about this decision for the following reasons:

  • Why is it the United States that always has to take the lead?
  • I thought the President needed congressional approval before taking that could possibly lead to war

The reason I am talking about this two days later, is because I just heard on KTLA News  that the Syrian airbase is back in operation and has attacked the Syrian town previously hit by deadly chemical attack. What a waste of money! For Christ’s sake, if you are going to spend that much money to address a problem, do it right the first time, so you are not wasting money and resources. The story also advised/televised that some our our battleships are on their way to Syria, as well as a Russian battleship.

The betting windows are open as to whether we will be involved in another war by the end of Trump’s administration. What’s with the correlation between republicans and war? The last war was initiated by George Bush over fake WMDs and we are still fighting that war!

Another thing I just realized is how many of our governing representatives are white and old; they don’t represent me.

Out of full disclosure, I did vote for Trump because I am so disgusted with American politics that I wanted that buffoon in office so he could wreak havoc and create all kinds of chaos. He is obviously doing a bang up job, don’t you think?