Doctor Despina Kayichian

She is my kidney specialist at Venice Family Clinic. I had an 08:00 appointment today. I was there on time. I checked in . I had my vitals taken. I was placed in an examination room, where I continued to crochet on Please, Mr. Postman Blanket.

When I stood up to take a break from sitting for so long, I checked my phone and discovered it was 08:46!

On my way out, I stopped at my case worker’s desk to explain that I am tired of being treated like a specimen, that I was taking back control of my health care. As such, I will not tolerate unprofessionalism; lack of common decency, courtesy; disrespect. I will continue to go from doctor to doctor until I find one that provides the kind of care I desire.

A counselor with huge ears, butted in. I asked “Who are you?” She expressed a desire to speak with me – convert me! I wasn’t having it, repeated my reasons, and left.

As mother and I drove away, my phone rang and it was Venice Family Clinic. I answered and it turned out to be Dr. Kayichian. I related to her my thinking from last might that I am viewing our relationship, as such: A relationship! From that perspective, I am breaking up with her, pointing out that she would hardly tolerate the behavior she has been showing me.

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