Bounty of Stupidity

The Truth: I wipe up liquid in the opposite direction of my personal belongings so as not to damage them.

The Lie: Bounty is encouraging stupid behavior by showing the mother wiping up a liquid towards a media device.


I am sure there are people out there that are stupid enough, and it would not surprise me to hear of a court case there a consumer is suing Bounty for the damage the consumer caused to their cell phone by wiping up liquid like the lady in the commercial.

RE: :05 on the video timeline

Style By Jury

Style By Jury

J. has myopia, was emotionally scarred by sky-diving accident, kid-fashions due to small stature, “she looks sad” comment by jury…all leading to make over. Just finished psychological task of writing positive affirmations out, posting on stakes and proclamation her positive truths as she climbed a hill, where she is greeted by three close friends with positive truths about her. Teeth redone, Hair redone, Makeup redone.

As he is watching, he is thinking about the psychological task alone and thinking “What’s the point?” He is pretty sure this is a symptom of his depression. From his perspective, he doesn’t see the point of improvement…For whom? His next lover? Any and all past lovers were not there for love. What is there to be attracted to? For what? For his health? He has diseases for which there is no cure. For the next great job? He has not been gainfully employed since 2007. Due to his health, he doubts he has the mental/physical strength to work a full time job anymore, unless from home on his computer.

Bottom line: If he could have a COMPLETE (body, mind, teeth, hair, clothing, etc.) makeover, he would do it as a last chance at love and a last chance attempt for a complete mental perspective turnaround .

Felix The Cat

Because I got high…

“I don’t care! I love it!” [Icona Pop]

I just got home from banking and grocery shopping and, well, um…

…anyway the story goes like this…

I am working on this scarf, which is part of my houndstooth stitch pattern development, and it reminds me of Felix’s Bag of Tricks pattern.

While watching an episode of Felix, I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my childhood days and just now realized my passion with color began with cartoons. And all this has bloomed into a love of music, art – what I call “Ability to Realize Talent.”

I am grateful today that I can see the beauty in life!

I think way too much importance is put on money and power.

Before I get sidetracked, I must get to the meager work I have, that only forces me deeper into debt. I am a blessing blocker.

I will get through with his help.

He has not abandoned me yet.

Ciao bello!

The truth is that my last words to the person for whom I am performing a task were a question: “Can I start this tomorrow?” She replied: “Sure…”

And then my current boyfriend [an illegal] started making noises outside, indicating he wanted to re-enter. Upon which, he began his coy moves, but I was not having it. He inched closer and I finally gave in and reached further to pick his ass up.

Now he was mine!

So we cuddled for a minute and I decided to take a few snapshots…

Sh! Don’t tell Trump. He’ll have ICE over here in a minute.

The Big Bang Theory

Genius on The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory website provides: “Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory but socially challenged everywhere else.”


It seems someone that is brilliantly genius should be aware that car seat headrests should know their purpose:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety standards that went into effect for the 2009 model year that were intended to help reduce whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions. The rule established a higher minimum height requirement for front seats and a requirement limiting the distance between the back of an occupant’s head and the head restraint.1

Yes, I understand they were removed for filming back seat passengers, but the message being put forth is diametrically opposed the intelligence quotient of the characters to whom it is being assigned.

1. Gorzelany, Jim; 2011; Forbes: Headrests At The Top Of Car Seat Problems